What is Online Personal Training and How Can It Help Me?

Prana 365’s Online Personal Training was created to address the top 4 challenges that many people face when wanting to make a healthy shift in their life.

#1. Discipline

Have you tried to kickstart a regular exercise routine before? Sometimes your best intentions fade within weeks or a few months. This is almost never due to a lack of effort or desire. The yo-yo nature of starting and stopping is most commonly the result of not having a plan. A goal without a plan is just a wish. Prana 365’s Online Personal Training programs will eliminate the guesswork and keep you on track.

#2. Convenience

Many of our clients are working parents who created just enough space in their day to be able to workout. A 20-30 minute trip each way to a gym may make it difficult for you to find time for working out. 

The convenience factor of our programs is that you can workout right from home or your office. The average workout is between 35-45 minutes in duration, requires little space and just a few pieces of equipment that can easily fit in a closet.

Every workout is delivered right to your phone on our app and goes step-by-step through the recommended sequence, and includes a short (yet thorough) tutorial video for each movement.



#3. Support

We are here for you, and so is our growing community. With Prana 365’s Online Personal Training programs, you will have the ongoing support of a certified personal trainer, plus an online community that brings all Prana 365 clients together.

The online group chat is reserved only for our clients. When you have a question, it’s likely that others have had those same thoughts pop up for them as well. It’s really helpful to be part of a super supportive group who will never judge you and are working towards the same goals.

In addition to being part of the Prana 365 community, our programs have built-in support features through the app. We are notified each time you complete a workout, and even when you miss one. Rest assured that we will reach out to you with encouragement, support, and motivation to help you get back on track.

#4. Personalization

Every one of us is beginning our health and fitness journey from a different place. Many of us have pre-existing injuries and areas of chronic ache and pain. This is why a one size fits all approach is usually not as effective as the mindful movement approach.

Mindful movement is when you are following the best possible fitness plan for yourself. You are asking yourself —

(1) How many repetitions of an exercise am I looking for today?

(2) How fast or slow do I need to move so that these exercises feel the best?

(3) How much weight should I choose so that I’m challenged but also able to maintain optimal form?

(4) Is today a day where energy and focus are high, and I feel like pushing myself? Or is today “do the best I can” day? (You may need to handle expectations of yourself with greater kindness!)

So if you want to feel better, get healthy and establish life long healthy habits, might Prana 365’s Online Personal Training be right for you?