Define Your Goals To Make ‘Em Stick!

List your goals

Happy New Year! Have you taken a moment to reflect? At the end of one year and the beginning of another, it is natural to think about new goals that you’d like to accomplish moving forward. This time of year definitely stimulates those same thoughts for us. Take a moment to look back at the…

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How To Stay Committed Over The Holidays


With the holidays upon us, stress levels and demands on your time can exceed your capacity to manage everything. So we want to encourage you, first and foremost, to reconnect with your commitment to your health, fitness, and well-being. It’s important to you or else you wouldn’t be trying so hard to fit it into…

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Maintaining Balance Over The Holiday Season


With the holidays come big family meals, social dinners out, and travel-worthy holiday feasts.  For many who are currently prioritizing weight management, this time of year can be really stressful. You may be worried that holiday meals will derail your goals.  While this worry of weight gain is real and legitimate, our experience is that…

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Compassion Will Keep You In The Game

Tell us if this sounds familiar to you — You finally get up the courage to start a new exercise plan and to prioritize your self-care. Then, for one reason or another, you miss a workout. Stress at work bogs you down, and you miss another workout. Suddenly there is a family situation that is…

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The Science (and Practical Reality) of Motivation

Motivation is a fascinating and often misunderstood topic. After 20+ years of working with people to make permanent and often really difficult longterm changes, there are key points of insight and interest. They are the common threads that bind us together. Would you like to feel better than you do right now? Most of us…

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5-Minute Rhythm Breathing Meditation for Stress & Anxiety


Discover rhythm breathing. This can be done at home within 5 minutes. Giving yourself time to decompress is important. For everyone that is dealing with stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed — this blog is for you! So many of you give everything you have to your families and your careers. But when are you able…

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