“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will.” - Ghandi


Hi There!

I’m Adam, founder of Prana 365.

I developed Prana 365 as a way to train and empower people from all parts of the world. I believe that through exercise and healthy lifestyle modifications, whether you’re a beginner or dealing with a debilitating injury, you can easily improve how you feel.

In 2001 I was in a serious car accident where I suffered from a back injury that wreaked havoc on my life. From that day forward I quickly felt how the transformative power of exercise, health and wellbeing contributed to my successful rehabilitation.

Through my own personal journey, I can understand how difficult it is to feel hopeful when you’re in pain and feeling bad about yourself. But despite the obstacles you’re faced with I believe that you have the power to overcome them. For over two decades I’ve trained hundreds of people who have faced similar obstacles and are now thriving today.

With my extensive training in exercise science, I teach my clients how to prepare the body, how to maintain flexibility while developing strength, how to avoid high risk movements and how to nourish the body to receive optimal benefits.

Whether you’re a new mom who struggles with back aches and pains or a busy professional who constantly feels achy from sitting all day long - our desire for you is to feel your best, be vibrant and thrive.

Any goal, desire, wish or transformation is possible. It’s up to you to believe that it is.

We believe in you.


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