Compassion Will Keep You In The Game

Tell us if this sounds familiar to you —

You finally get up the courage to start a new exercise plan and to prioritize your self-care. Then, for one reason or another, you miss a workout. Stress at work bogs you down, and you miss another workout. Suddenly there is a family situation that is demanding more of your attention and you miss another.

It happens to all of us.

For many of our clients, this can lead to a torrent of negative emotions and negative associations with exercise. We spend so much time beating ourselves up.

Choose Compassion

At Prana365, we coach our clients to treat themselves with the same compassion and understanding you would anyone else. Imagine if your friend came to you and said that they were prioritizing exercise goals but have fallen off recently — you wouldn’t make them feel as though they’re anything less than a human being who’s experiencing normal ups and downs, right?
YOU deserve that same compassion and understanding.

Choosing compassion will not only make the process more enjoyable with less stress but will help you stay in the game. We’ve seen too many well-intentioned folks build momentum, hit a speed bump because let’s face it — life happens — and never quite be able to get themselves back on track.

There is a big difference between holding yourself accountable and beating yourself up. A few of our best tips to help with getting your workouts in when life gets hectic:

  • Schedule your workout into your day so you know exactly when it’ll occur and you can plan around it
  • Choose an accountability partner that will either work out with you or ask you about your workouts
  • Workout in the morning before your day gets going — early am workouts are skipped much less often than ones later on in the day!
  • Have other go-to’s that will help you in improving your health when working out just isn’t an option, like healthy recipes, meditations, and journaling

When it comes to living one’s best life, the only thing that really matters is staying the course through it all. Missing a few workouts will not prevent you from achieving your goals. Beating yourself up about it and making exercise more than what it is — a tool for helping us feel better — will.

You’ve got this! Stay the course!