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Does your body hurt after sitting?

To everyone who’s body hurts after a long day at work, a car ride, a movie, a flight – really any prolonged sitting – I’m with you!

It takes only 30 minutes in the same position for your body to begin to feel like that is your new normal. With:

Stiff ankles
Difficulty standing up tall
Rounded shoulders
Forward head position
Sore neck
…and the gold standard, an achy lower back

Considering that our prolonged bouts of being sedentary are the underlying cause to why we feel as crummy as we do, the remedy is movement! Our bodies crave movement and were designed to move.

We have 33 joints in our foot to allow for movement on literally any terrain. How cool is that?!

We were also created with an amazingly talented gluteal complex that propels us while simultaneously stabilizing us. Interestingly, no muscle group is more important to movement yet no muscle group becomes deconditioned more quickly when sitting.

My favorite remedy is a custom flow that addresses all of the aforementioned areas of need. Move slowly with purpose. Breathe throughout. Be sensitive to areas that might need a little more love. When you find one, hold it for a few extra breathes making sure to release the exhale with ease and patience.

  • Start standing w/ blocks in hands
  • Step forward
  • Lower to 1/2 kneeling position
  • Tuck pelvis, lift sternum and raise both arms to the sky
  • Place blocks inside of front foot for sprinter’s hamstring stretch
  • Return, then drop inside elbow towards block
  • Roll open and reach to sky with a long, neutral spine
  • Return to 1/2 kneeling position, align base and return to standing position
  • Perform on opposite side

I encourage you to give this a try today. Please let me know how it goes. If you know of anyone who might benefit from this, I’d be eternally grateful if you shared it with them.

You deserve to feel awesome!